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Find the Perfect Stone Worktops for Office Interiors

Can your office interiors make a lasting impression on a first-time visitor? Yes, it can. So whether you are building a new office or refurbishing an old one, this is your chance to stand out with stone worktops in London. Natural stones like marble, granite, and quartz have been a favourite in residential spaces for decades. But now, these worktops are also finding their place in commercial and office properties. They help you create the perfect office ambience.

There are several ways of incorporating natural stone worktops in the office. Moreover, you can install different stones at different places based on the purpose. The reception area is the first point of contact in an office. Hence, it must be impressive, warm, and welcoming. Regal marble worktops at the reception and waiting areas get the job done! You can never go wrong with timeless white marble like Vanilla Spider or Calacatta Colorado, which are unmissable options.

Subtle hues with intricate veins, such as Yellow River and Botoccino Fiorito, radiate luxury and elegance at every glance. You can also use smaller or leftover marble slabs to construct small coffee tables. However, it is advisable to avoid darker shades of marble like Green Guetamala or Rouge Griotte at the entrance.

For frequently used places such as conference rooms and work desks, choose durable granite worktops. These are resistant to scratches and quick damage and are easy to clean. You can also pick dark-coloured granite, such as the Milkyway or Nero Marquina, that easily conceals ink blots and coffee rings. However, if you envision minimal decor for the meeting rooms, White Spring granite, with its bold crimson and grey hues, surely makes a statement.

Moving on to cafeterias and breakrooms, quartz worktops in Romford are a practical choice in these places. Colourful quartz tops like Fusion Red quartz breathe new life into the break areas. Since the natural stone is non-porous, it does not hold dirt and prevents bacterial growth. They are also resistant to stains and can be cleaned in just one swipe.

This is not all! The above-mentioned natural stone worktops also can be used in common areas and washrooms.

Choose to Stand Out With Marble and Granite:

Whether you are ready to splurge on your office decor or have a bootstrapped budget, find the best stone worktop in London with Marble and Granite. Contact our experts to select and install your stone worktops today!

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