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Five 2023 Kitchen Trends You Can Try With Stone Worktops In Stevenage

Are you planning to move into a new home in 2023 and looking for kitchen decor ideas? Or do you want to refurbish your kitchen soon? You are in luck. We have an article for you that highlights five awesome kitchen trends in 2023, and you can try them out with stone worktops, especially granite worktops in Kingston. Whether marble, granite or quartz, this article will help you find inspiration.

  1. Minimalist white kitchens: If you live by the rules of minimalism, you will love this trend- an all-white kitchen, starting from worktops to cabinets and furniture. For this, you can opt for the ever-elegant white marble for the worktop. If you want subtle hues, look for marbles with coloured veins like bluish-grey.
  2. Rounded edges: Homeowners will experiment with different shapes rather than mundane rectangular worktops. Curved designs will look good if you are blessed with a large kitchen area. On the other hand, you can choose a round or an oval countertop for smaller spaces. Stone worktops offer you the flexibility to play around with edges.
  3. Natural and green kitchens: Natural and green-themed kitchens will rage in 2023. You can find stunning shades of green in granite, marble and quartz. For contrast, you can use a green stone worktop and contrasting cabinets such as brown or white.
  4. Large islands and worktops: In 2023, kitchen worktops will be used during the cooking and other times of the day, including mealtime. Hence families will want larger worktops and islands. Quartz is a good choice for such worktops where people will sit and dine. Since it is non-porous, the risk of staining is also low, unlike other natural stones. However, you must always use coasters and placemats and not place hot utensils directly on the worktops.
  5. Mixing metals: Homeowners will move on from wooden drawers and cabinets and opt for metal ones. Small details in the kitchen, like handles and cabinet elements made from combinations of bronze, brass, chrome, and nickel, will adorn the kitchen. Stone worktops will complement the elegant metallic look.

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