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Marble worktop with custom edge profile design

Looking To Decorate Your Kitchen With Marble Worktops In London?

One can think of nothing except marble when it comes to choosing the ideal material for kitchen countertops. Now, many queries arise regarding how such a natural stone will survive against everyday use- stains of spice and oil or the constant sponges of vinegar or lemon juice. In this article, we will clarify all your doubts about how marble worktops can be the most suitable choice for you. After all, we are the stone specialists! Where else can you find your ideal marble worktops in London other than our store?

Here are a few recommendations from us before you embark on your worktop hunt-

Go for the white marble! 

If you’re obsessed with cleanliness and think constant cleaning can take a toll on you, stick to white marble. The whitish mark of the acid will be much less noticeable in white marble than in other types.

Look for the various veining patterns. 

Since every quarry is different, cutting a certain type of marble in different ways can result in unique veining patterns. The cross-cut or ‘fleuri cut’ results in stone slabs with an open floral pattern. Vein cut or ‘striato’ slices block the other way to achieve a linear, striped appearance.

The miracle of technology

Since technology has intercepted in every field, new ways have been discovered to finish stone, including different brushing and polishing techniques. Nowadays, even an orange peel-like texture or a leather, brushed or river wash finish is possible. But glossy or honed remain still the popular choices. People concerned with acid etching are recommended a honed finish.

Don’t forget to get the edges of your marble worktops curved. 

Historically speaking, marble has also been easy to work with tools. With modern numerical control milling machines, anything is possible for kitchen decorating.

There are countless edge profiles to choose from, but a simple eased edge is recommended, which has the profile of a half circle and is also a timeless favourite. It’s even possible to engrave the edge of a white marble countertop with a customised pattern now.

Know the dimensions of your future worktop 

Not just the colour, you should have all the essential details like length, width, and thickness written somewhere with you. This will help you explain your requirements to us better, and we, too, can get you the exact slab you are looking for, for your kitchen.

Know the difference between Cracks and Fissures

Don’t get confused between cracks and fissures. A crack shows the poor handling of the marble, whereas fissures are natural occurrences and do not point out any damage in the marble. If you are looking for a rustic look, you must accept the fissures. But it doesn’t change the integrity of the stone. Even if you run your nails across the marble slab with a fissure, you won’t feel a thing.

We hope this helps in easing your fears about installing a marble worktop. Contact us today if you’re looking for marble or granite worktops in Mayfair.

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