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Marble & Granite: Your Supplier For Granite Worktops In Wood Green

At Marble & Granite in Hatfield, we are major suppliers of natural and man-made stones for all sorts of purposes in and around the home. Stone worktops are becoming more popular by the week, because natural stones are unique in their appearance. However, they can also be used for patios, bathroom surrounds, fireplaces, steps in the garden, and many more ideas. We stock a wide range of different slabs, and we can cut them to whatever shape and size you desire.

Many people choose granite worktops in Wood Green, partly for their durability, but also because, as a natural stone, every slab is different. Granite is also available in a wide choice of colours and patterns so there is something to match the design of every kitchen or bathroom, or wherever else you choose to use it.

Another very big advantage when you use granite for your worktops is that it is extremely hard. That means that it won’t scratch. That doesn’t mean that you should not use a chopping board when cutting foods. Indeed, you should, because if you don’t you are very likely to damage the blade of your knife.


Granite is also heat-resistant. So, if you should by chance put a hot pan down on it, you will not damage the stone. However, even though it is so hard, granite is actually porous. That means that it needs a sealant in order to prevent staining if you spill things such as red wine, lemon juice, vinegar, and so on. Sealing also prevents bacteria or things such as mould growing on it. Putting a hot pan down on it may damage the sealant, which is not a good idea, so you should always use a trivet to place hot pans and dishes on.

We can also finish your granite worktops as you wish. The standard finish is highly polished, which to our minds looks fantastic, but you can also have them honed or leathered. The latter will provide a finish which has a textured surface which a lot of people like. None of the finishes will affect the performance of the stone.

We can also produce your granite worktops in a range of different edges which can add to the distinct design of your unique slabs. The choice is entirely yours.

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