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Stunning Granite Worktop and Backsplash Combination for Modern Kitchens

Attention to detail is what makes an empty shell into a warm and welcoming kitchen. Furniture, lighting, fixtures, countertops, and backsplashes come together to build a perfect kitchen. Therefore, it is important that all elements are in sync with one another. Are you planning on installing granite worktops in Greenwich? Check out this article to pair it with the perfect backsplashes.

What is a backsplash in a kitchen?

The materials that cover the wall above a countertop is known as a kitchen backsplash. It extends horizontally and runs parallel to the length of the worktop. The purpose of a backsplash is to protect the walls from oil, grease, and moisture. Moreover, it also adds to the kitchen’s aesthetics. The mismatched worktop and backsplash combination is a killjoy. So here are four references to help you make the right choice!

Match Maker

This is a no-brainer worktop and backsplash pair. Pick any light colour of granite for the countertop and use the same colour tiles or granite slabs to make the backsplash. It will give an illusion of uniformity. For this idea, white granites such as Andromeda White or Cosmic White are perfect. Their textures and veins add a certain dimension while keeping it simple.

Catchy Contrasts

But if simple is not your cup of tea, and you want to experiment with your kitchen, go bold with contrasting colours. In this regard, red and green is an unbeatable duo. African red granite with jade or emerald green tiles is an unmissable choice. However, for a more subtle look, you can go for the light-coloured Rosewood granite. You can also go for Green Guetamala marble worktops in North London against a red backsplash.

Brilliant Black and White

For those who like to stick to the classics, a black-and-white combination never fails. A simple white granite with minimal patterns and a black tiled backsplash will lend your kitchen a regal look. Preferably avoid a white backsplash, which can get dirty real quick, and cleaning it can be daunting.

Golden Glow

Granites like Colonial Gold and Giallo Altantide are perfect if you love neutral tones and warm colours. These granite worktops in Greenwich can be paired with wooden textured and brown backsplashes and soft yellow lights.

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