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How To Take Care Of Your Stone Worktops, So They Look New Forever?

When designing your dream kitchen, one thing that crosses your mind is the worktops, and stone worktops at Stevenage seem to be a great choice for modern homeowners. There are myriad options to choose from depending on material, colours, style, and cost.

Granite worktops, quartz worktops, and marble worktops are common choices and come in your preferred shape and size. Stone worktops give you the best of both worlds- aesthetic and useful. Therefore, be it fun experiments with kids or dinner with friends, stone worktops are perfect for all.

But if you are investing in stone worktops in Stevenage, you would also like to keep them clean and gorgeous for years to come. So how to take care of your stone worktops? Here you go…

5 ways to keep the stone worktops new:

Everyone wants to enjoy a clean and unsullied home, which takes effort. Frequent home improvement projects can cost you a fortune. However, following some simple tips will help keep your stone worktops good as new.

  1. Using a chopping board: The first thing you would want to avoid is scratching the stone worktops. However, chopping vegetables or meat can leave knife marks. Therefore it is recommended to use a chopping board or a butcher’s board while chopping food.
  2. Using placemats for hot utensils: Quartz or marble is known to be heat-resistant material. However, prolonged exposure to heat can damage the top coat or leave yellow stains on the stones. To prevent damage, always use placemats to place hot utensils.
  3. Use soap and water for regular cleaning: When cleaning these stone worktops, avoid using corrosive cleaners that can seep in and corrode the stones from within. Applying bleach on granite worktops can cause abrasions. Instead, using a gentle soap and a damp cloth should do the trick and keep the worktops clean.
  4. Avoid spilling gravies and wines: Spilling anything that can leave a stain on stone worktops, especially marble worktops, is a strict no-no. While looking for sauces and gravies, use a plate to keep the ladle. In case you spill something like tea, coffee, or wine, immediately wipe it and do not let it air dry.
  5. Scheduled maintenance: Some stone worktops have a sealant on the top that gives it a glaze and protects the stone. However, no matter what you do, the sealant will come off owing to regular use and normal wear and tear. However, talk to your vendor during installation to know how frequently you should reseal the top. Based on the material, most sealants can survive for three to five years. Scheduled resealing will ensure that the stone worktop remains unharmed and looks new.

Installing stone worktops in Stevenage:

If you have not decided which stone worktop will be perfect for your home, give us a ring and visit our studio to explore the options. However, if you have your mind set on installing granite worktops in Watford, we can easily get the job done by our skilled craftsmen.

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