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Marble And Granite Have Many More Uses Than Just Worktops

At Marble & Granite, we are noted as the foremost provider of stone worktops in London and the surrounding counties. To some extent, the clue is in our name.

But we don’t only work with marble and granite, but also quartz, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, and also sintered stone like Florim, Dekton, Lapitec, and more, which are produced using the process of sinterisation, hence the name.

While many of the products that we produce are worktops, you can use natural stone and manufactured stone for many other things as well. So, for instance, if you would like a marble bathroom wall, we can provide it for you in the shape of cladding that can be attached and produce that effect. Perhaps you would like a marble or granite floor, or bath and basin surrounds.

Stone floors, in the bathroom or anywhere else – kitchen, lounge, hallway, and so on – are perfect for use with underfloor heating which more and more people are installing these days. This is because underfloor heating has several advantages over a radiator system, not the least of which is that it will use far less energy to produce the same temperature in the room, so resulting in lower heating bills.

The Room Is Evenly Heated

Stone flooring is particularly good because it also heats up quickly, again using less energy, and in addition it retains the heat, letting it into the room slowly. Furthermore, when you install underfloor heating, it will heat the room evenly. That means that you don’t get hot areas and cooler ones as you do with radiators.

You can also use stone outside. You could have marble steps down into the garden or have a marble or granite decking for instance. That should make the neighbours envious!

Sintered stone is relatively new and can be a great substitute for marble or limestone worktops for instance, because unlike those, it is totally non-porous. So, if you spill things on it – which can happen in the kitchen – it will not stain the stone. Equally, it means that bacteria cannot find their way into the surface, which is possible with a soft natural stone such as marble.

Sintered stone is available in satin, silk, and textured surfaces. It can also look polished, but that is done using a glazing over the surface and it is not scratch resistant.

Whatever you need in the way of stone or manufactured stone for your home or business – pub, bar, restaurant, etc., – come and talk to us at Marble & Granite. We can provide whatever you need.

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