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Hallway in a Central London flat with Bianco Lasa marble tiles

Spruce up Your Galley Kitchen With Marble Worktops in London

Getting its name from the ship kitchen, a galley kitchen is a long and narrow space. This cosy room is common in urban apartments with limited space. A galley kitchen is sometimes divided by a counter and can have a dead end. Although these can be slightly tricky to work with, versatile marble worktops from London look fabulous in these layouts.

Since the space in such a kitchen is not much, you can keep the decor simple and go minimal with monochrome palettes. White marble worktops with white tile backsplashes, stainless steel fixtures, and an overall white interior will make the space look large. However, if you want colours, you can choose light shades of yellow, green, and blue to keep things bright and lively.

To increase its efficiency and effectively use the space, add a cosy seating area in the kitchen. Besides the cooking area, you can also use marble worktops to make small two-seater tables. If you are living alone, then this is a perfect plan. Galley kitchens do not have enough room for spacious kitchen islands. However, a multi-functional seating area is a highly functional substitute.

Most people are apprehensive about using bright textures and colours in small spaces. However, introducing a pop of colour in your galley kitchen can elevate its glamour. Green and orange marble worktops in London add character to the kitchens. The subtle veins and patterns of these marbles breathe life into your home. You can pair these with other elements of complementary colours and brighten up the galley kitchen.

Since there is limited wall space in a galley kitchen, do not cover it up with cabinets and too many racks. Instead, choose under-the-counter cabinets that are sleek and provide sufficient storage space. If you opt for white marble countertops, dark or light brown wooden cabinets and drawers with golden handles will look regal. For this, you can also choose black marbles like Calacatta Portoro Italian marble and Nero Marquina that look exquisite when paired with red, brown, and white accents.

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