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Natural Materials Can Be Great For Kitchen Worktops

If you are considering changing the look of your kitchen in Luton, you are not the only one. Over time, like anything else, what once looked great has lost its’ glamour and appeal, and working in the same old, same old, to cook the meals, wash up, and so on, can become tedious. Many people today also eat in their kitchens, and even entertain guests there, so your kitchen needs to look great. In addition, it has to be practical.

If you haven’t got a huge budget, you cannot afford to rip out all the cabinetry and replace all the appliances, but one thing that you can do which will make a great difference is to replace the kitchen worktops. For this, you have many different choices of worktop materials, and this means that deciding on the right one for your worktops is something that you shouldn’t rush.

Now there are several man-made materials that you can use for kitchen worktops, such as laminates, stainless steel, cement, and so on, and there are also natural materials, of which one is wood. A hardwood worktop made from something such as oak or iroko looks warm and inviting, and as it is natural will never look dated. It is perfect for a country kitchen from the point of view of appearance. However, it does have some disadvantages, one of which is that it needs regular sanding and oiling in order to protect it, and we are talking several times a year. It is also not too good around water, so you can have issues near the sink.

At Marble & Granite, we are great believers in natural products as well, which is why we named our company after them. Marble is a wonderful material for a worktop from the point of view of appearance because it has that natural sheen that sets it apart. It is formed from limestone, which in turn is formed from the shells of sea creatures – crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and more.

Marble worktops are great for one particular thing and that is making pastry on. It is a poor conductor of heat so remains cool to the touch which is ideal for pastry.

However, marble has some downsides. It is a relatively soft stone, so it can be subject to scratches if you are not careful. It is also porous and needs sealing regularly in order to prevent stains. Some sealants will make marble more resistant to water and oil, but won’t totally seal it, so if you spill red wine or acids such as vinegar or lemon juice, they can damage it.

Granite worktops in Luton are another great choice, because granite is one of the hardest rocks known to man. Granite is available in a huge range of colours with incredible waving and patterning, and of course, as a natural stone, every slab is different. It is also one of the hardest rocks known, so it is not easy to damage it. Having said that, as with any kitchen worktop, you should not take liberties with it. You probably won’t harm it if you put a hot pan on it, but there is always a danger of overheating one spot and causing a crack. Equally, you shouldn’t cut or chop on it, but always use a chopping board.

Granite is actually porous, so it needs sealing. Acids such as lemon juice and vinegar won’t harm it, although they can wash away the sealer over time, so spills should be wiped up when you see them. Granite is also totally resistant to bacteria, so from the point of view of preparing food is ideal.