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Refurbing Your Kitchen? There Is A Lot To Think About

If you are going to buy a new car there are a lot of different choices and a lot of things to consider – even more today now that we have got electric cars coming on scene. Should you buy petrol, diesel, electric, or should you buy a hybrid? What are the issues around charging? How far can an electric car go before it needs charging? Do you need a small car, a large one, or an SUV? What is the cost difference between all of these?

There are no instant answers, and if you are going to buy a new car today you need to sit down and consider what is the right model and type for your individual circumstances.

Much the same things apply when you are considering a kitchen makeover. This is one of the most important things that most homeowners ever do. Sure, you can repaint the lounge and change the wallpaper so that it looks exactly the way that you want it to, but that is about as far as it goes. When you are talking about your kitchen, there are all sorts of things to take into account.

One of the most important is your budget – unless you happen to be Richard Branson. You have to work within your budget. But should you change all the appliances, or perhaps some of them. Do you really need a new washing machine or fridge? Will the cooker last another few years or is it past its’ sell-by date? Do you need to change the worktops? Are the cabinets in good order or would you prefer to change them all for new? If it is just the appearance of the cabinets, could you perhaps just change the drawer fronts and the doors without investing in totally new? The list goes on.

Even the worktops can cause issues because you obviously want worktops that look great and most importantly are long lasting and easy to clean. More and more people today eat in their kitchens as opposed to the dining room, and they also entertain guests to dinner in the kitchen.

You Need A Kitchen Which Works Well And Looks Great At The Same Time

That means that you want a kitchen which not only performs well but looks fabulous as well. The cabinets and the worktops are two of the most conspicuous items in most kitchens. If you can’t afford to change all the appliances, or perhaps don’t have any need to, simply changing the cabinet fronts and the worktops will make a massive difference to the appearance of your kitchen.

When considering the worktops, you have a great choice of different materials from which to select, and today many people are going for stone worktops in Stevenage, and elsewhere, because of the outstanding beauty of many stones and the fact that natural stones are unique. If you opt for a marble or granite worktop, that particular slab, or slabs, will be like no other.

Stones such as marble and granite can have the most amazing patterns and veining in them, all of which are the result of the varying other minerals which were present when they were formed millions of years ago, and also the way in which they were formed. For example, marble is formed from limestone which in turn is formed from the shells of sea creatures such as lobsters, crabs, oysters, and so on, and mixed with different clays under the seabed.

There are other things to consider as well, and that is that by and large stone worktops are very long lasting and can take a lot of use – which they most certainly will get in the average kitchen. But there are other things to think about as well. For instance, marble has the most amazing sheen to it which is like no other stone. However, it is a fairly soft stone and can suffer from staining if you spill liquids on to it and don’t wipe them off.

Granite is rock hard, but even so is also porous and needs sealing. Man-made stones such as quartz do not need sealing and can be found in a wide choice of colours and patterns, some of which imitate marble.

At Marble & Granite we are here to help you. We can answer all your questions about stone worktops so that you can make the right decision for your individual circumstances.

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