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Quartz Worktops for 5 Popular Kitchen Layouts

Do you know what lies at the heart of a kitchen layout? It is the worktops that largely contribute to the structure and outline of the kitchen. Be it a big open kitchen or a galley kitchen, quartz worktops in Luton are ideal for every home. This article will discuss 5 kitchen layouts and how you can style them with quartz worktops.

5 common kitchen layouts and worktops in modern homes:

There are several kitchen layouts based on the available space and the owner’s preferences. But these five are the most common and effective choices. The versatile quartz worktops can be used in all formats.

  1. One-wall kitchen:

This is a fantastic layout for homes with limited spaces. Here, there is only one wall, and cabinets and appliances are kept against it. There will be a single worktop in such layouts. White quartz worktops in Luton with a white or black tiled backsplash will look exquisite and minimalistic.

  1. Island design:

Big homes with ample floor space can have an additional island in the middle of the kitchen. This is an extra countertop alongside the original workspace. This worktop can be used to keep cookware, entertain guests or set up a breakfast bar on Sundays for the family. You can opt for a monochromatic theme for such kitchens and use the same quartz worktops at all places.

  1. Galley kitchen:

This type of kitchen is commonly found in urban apartments with cramped spaces. It can be two worktops facing each other, rows of cabinets and a dead end. Light-coloured quartz worktops in Luton lend comfort and warmth to the long and narrow space.

  1. L-Shaped kitchen:

Most homes prefer the L-shaped layout due to its high functionality. Here the two countertops are connected in an L-format. Adding heat-resistant quartz worktops in such kitchens further increases its efficiency.

  1. G-Shaped kitchen:

The G layout offers maximum cabinet and storage spaces. Usually, there are two long worktops and one small extension. Two people can comfortably work in the kitchen. One side of the quartz worktop can be used for dining since quartz is resistant to stains and easy to clean. It is a suitable layout for small families.

Explore novel kitchen worktop ideas with Marble and Granite:

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