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Kitchen island with raised breakfast bar wrapped with leathered quartz stone

Quartz Worktops in Walthamstow- Add an Edge to Your Modern Kitchen

Kitchens lie at the core of all celebrations, festivals, heartbreaks, and mundane days. Not just food but memories are also created here. However, maintaining kitchen worktops is not always fun and games, especially when you want your kitchen to look elegant and squeaky clean. The perfect solution to all your kitchen woes ends with quartz worktops. There is everything in this article you need to convince yourself to get a quartz worktop.

Why Is The Quartz Worktop The Perfect Choice For Your Home?

  1. Safety: Quartz worktops have rounded, smooth edges, which is an important feature, especially if you have kids at home. These worktops reduce the chances of nasty cuts and keep everyone safe.
  2. Can withstand heat: Quartz worktops are essentially made of quartz and coated with resin. Although it is best to avoid placing hot utensils directly on Quartz tops, in case you do, these can stand the heat up to a few minutes.
  3. Easy to clean and germ resistant: Kitchens can easily become one of the clumsiest places in the whole house, and cleaning them is an arduous task. If you are a clumsy cook, then you are familiar with constant stains and marks on the kitchen tops. Quartz worktops put an end to the cleaning conundrums. It is super easy to clean them and maintain their glossy finish. If you have kids, they can perform all their crazy experiments and art sessions here, and you do not have to worry about dealing with those hues of red and glue residues. Since quartz is non-porous, these tops do not harbour germs as compared to other materials, thus keeping the little ones safe.
  4. Ample options to choose from: Whatever you have thought about for your dream kitchen, quartz worktops check all the boxes. If you want classic black, white and beige, you will get it. However, if you are looking for something quirky and vibrant like blues, oranges, and greens, then Quartz worktops will not disappoint.
  5. A great investment: Quartz worktops in Walthamstow are surely not the cheapest options available in the market; however, they will not break your bank. Coupled with all other features discussed so far, they are a durable choice and do not need frequent makeovers in the long run. Therefore, saving you a few bucks in the future.

How To Clean And Maintain A Quartz Worktop?

To keep the quartz worktop spotless for years to come, here is how to clean and maintain them:

  1. You can wipe the Quartz worktop with warm soapy water and a soft cloth every day. It is best to wipe off spillage immediately than wait for it to dry. Additionally, you can use a microfiber cloth to avoid daily water stains.
  2. Although quartz is heat resistant, it is best not to keep hot utensils on it. Exposure to heat repeatedly for a longer period can leave yellow stains that are hard to remove. You can use trivets, coasters, and trivets to prevent accidents.

Quartz worktops have several benefits and therefore are increasingly finding a place in modern kitchens.

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