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November 3, 2020

At Marble & Granite we hold the firm belief that marble is a wonderful stone. Of course, you would expect us to say that, but there really isn’t another stone like it. Marble has an almost magical kind of luminescence about it that sets it apart from other stones. It also has an incredible range […]

September 21, 2020
Black Granite Worktop

Marble is a fabulous stone to use for kitchen worktops. It is not as hard as some other stones and does need a certain amount of care when in use, but most of it is common things to take care. Marble is what is known as a metamorphic rock and is formed from limestone which […]

August 25, 2020
Marble Quartz Kitchen Worktop Supplied And Fitted By Marble And Granite Ltd Image Courtesy Inline Designs Loughton 1366x683 (1)

If you are considering a kitchen refit there are an awful lot of things to consider. Not the least of these is your budget – simply how much you can afford to spend. Of course, if money is no object then there is no problem: within the limitations of how much space you have, you […]

August 10, 2020
Breccia Capraia Marble Kitchen Worktop Supplied And Installed By Marble And Granite Ltd Optimised 1366x683

At Marble & Granite we often get asked by our customers what is the best type of stone for a kitchen worktop, but it is not an easy question to answer. We manufacture kitchen worktops from marble and granite – as you might guess – but we also make them in limestone, quartzite, quartz, and […]

August 3, 2020
Breccia Capraia Marble Kitchen Worktop Optimised 1366x683

When it comes to choosing a kitchen worktop, there is a wide choice of materials. You can have natural stone, wood, glass, laminate, stainless steel, man-made stone, and more, and it can be difficult making a choice. Budget obviously has to be taken into consideration, unless you have unlimited wealth, and laminates offer one of […]

June 23, 2020
Metro Tiles And Marble Dado Rail 1366x683

Marble is a metamorphic rock that’s used widely as a building and decorative material. You’ll have seen it as the material of choice in many fancy restaurants, hotels, monuments, and even in the home setting. However, while you might already be familiar with what marble is used for, you may be less sure about what […]

May 22, 2020
Sheraton London Accessible Guest Bathroom Nero Assoluto Vanity Top 2400x1200

Marble is a classic rock and has been used for a variety of purposes for over 5,000 years. It is a metamorphic rock and was once a different type of rock. Basically, it is created from limestone which forms on the bed and shores of tropical seas and is composed mainly of shells. Shells of […]

February 5, 2020
Calacatta Oro Marble Bathroom 1366x683

If you are considering a kitchen makeover,there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Not the least of these is your budget, because it is no exaggeration to say that in a fair-sized kitchen you could easily spend thousands if you go the whole hog and replace everything with new.  Of course, you […]

November 21, 2018
Img 476 Optimised 1366x683

Carrara marble is a type of white marble that features stunning bold blue-grey veining running through the stone. This beautiful material is quarried in the city of Carrara in Tuscany. Due to the natural aesthetics and affordable price, Carrara marble is a very popular choice for use in home décor. Despite these benefits, many homeowners find […]

April 28, 2016

We are offering a 40% discount on a range of quartz and marble products in our end of season stock clearance! The marble is ideal for bathroom vanity tops and includes Carrara Marble, Emperardor Marble and Crema Marfil. Our discounted quartz stones are suitable for both bathroom vanity tops and kitchen worktops. We currently have the following […]

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