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Star Galaxy: The most popular colour choice for Granite Worktops?

For a variety of reasons, granite is one of the most popular materials for use in the kitchen. Some of the most common reasons behind choosing granite include its physical characteristics – great strength, durability and attractive aesthetics. Granite itself can be found all around the world, but each deposit will differ from one to the other. So, whilst there is an almost inexhaustible supply of granite, rarer formations are significantly more valuable than others.

One of the most sought after types of granite is known as Star Galaxy granite. It is characterised by having an incredibly deep, rich black colouring with speckles of bronze throughout. With such a sleek, sophisticated appearance, it is highly revered by many home-owners and will make for a highly impressive addition to any kitchen! One way of really making the most out of star galaxy granite worktops is to install intense lighting above them – this will allow the sparkling specks of silver and bronze to truly stand out!

As well as the aesthetics of the stone, granite is practical too. With one of the highest density’s compared to other granite formations, star galaxy is able to withstand almost anything you can throw at it! Sharp knives across the surface, knocks and bumps from items hitting the worktop and an ability to withstand extreme heat from pots and pans, star galaxy granite worktops will last a lifetime.

The colouring of the granite means that it’s possible to pair it with a large range of styles and colours of kitchen cabinets. From classic monotone kitchens to all-black or wooden style kitchens, star galaxy granite is versatile and will fit in with most schemes. It is always a good idea to see first-hand whether it will be a great fit for you and your home, so why not visit the Marble & Granite workshop? Contact the team today on 01992 535 038.