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All You Need To Know About Granite Worktops In Berkhamsted

Granite is an igneous rock known for its coarse-grained texture. It is composed of quartz, felspar and other minerals. Granite slabs are used for kitchen worktops, splashbacks, bar countertops, bathroom vanities, coffee tables, side tables, dining tabletops, fire hearths, hand basins and so on. One of the most versatile stones, granite adds sophistication to any type of home decor. Marble & Granite, the stone specialist company, is the ideal place where you can expect to find the choicest collections of granite worktops in Berkhamsted. Before you visit us, let us share with you some amazing features and benefits of these natural stone worktops.

Visual Appeal and Durability

Granite worktops are great for passing the visual test for style. They add more durable fixtures to your existing kitchen. They are stronger and harder, not to mention long-lasting, thanks to their heat-resistant and stain-resistant nature. Granite already has a longer lifespan than laminate countertops, and thus you don’t have to deal with rings or scratches.

Finishes for Granite Worktops

Different finishes are available for granite worktops. The standard granite slabs finish polished. It highlights the colour and underscores the unique pattern found in some granites. This type of finish works well with Matt’s kitchen cabinet doors. The other available finishes are honed and leather. They have a light lustre which is easy on the eye and has a contemporary feel. These finishes have become increasingly popular.

A Better Investment

Installing granite worktops will make your home more valuable. They automatically add a sense of class and beauty to your home. If you plan to sell your house at some point, this will attract potential buyers.


Granite tops are long-lasting. If maintained well, they can last upto 10-15 years. While you can take care of your worktops sometimes by yourself, some professional help is needed to restore and refinish to ensure the longevity of the worktops. It would help if you resealed granite tops at least once a year. Different types of granite require different requirements based on their porosity.

Now coming to quartz worktops in North London

Quartz worktops are stronger than granite and have a few added benefits. If there are larger cutouts for sinks and hobs, quartz usually will be more beneficial. It’s also an easier material to work with during the installation process.

Difference Between Granite and Quartz Worktops

Quartz is harder than granite; and hence, more durable. Unlike granite, quartz isn’t porous, so it’s easy to keep it moisture and stain-free. However, one should be careful with cooking pans because excessive heat can damage quartz.

Recommended Thickness

The recommended thickness for granite worktops is 20mm. They can have built-up edges with intricate profiles. Quartz tabletops, on the other hand, usually have a thickness of upto 3 cm.

Granite and quartz- both have their own share of pros and cons. We, as a stone specialist, boast many varieties of worktops in both the stone category. Just drop by our studio and choose the right worktop for your dream house. After all, with stones, possibilities are endless…

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