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Elevate Your Space: Stone Worktops In London For Timeless Elegance

The kitchen in many homes today has become far more than a room where you do the cooking and washing up. You also do the laundry and the ironing, but a lot of people eat in the kitchen as well: the dining room has become almost obsolete. Indeed, some people have knocked down the wall between the dining room and kitchen, in order to create a much larger kitchen area, where they also entertain guests for a meal. This is one of the reasons why the décor of the kitchen has become so much more important today, and one of the major factors is the worktops because they are a main feature. Of course, there are lots and lots of options for kitchen worktops, but more and more people today are going for stone worktops in London. We should know, at Marble & Granite, because our business is (we are happy to say) booming. But even when you have narrowed your choices down to stone worktops in London, there are still a great number of options. For instance, there are natural stones – limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, quartzite, and so on – and then there are also man-made stones such as quartz or sintered stone.

Every Slab Is Different

Natural stones are a popular choice because every slab is different, depending upon the other minerals that were present in the earth’s surface when the stone was first formed. So, when you choose natural stone, your worktops will be unique. You can come to our premises in Hatfield and browse through all the natural stone slabs we have (which is a lot) and choose the ones which appeal to you. Then there are all the manufacturers of man-made stone, all of whom have their own designs, patterns, and colours, giving you many, many more choices. We offer quartz and sintered stone from all of the major manufacturers and there are many different options as you can see if you look through the list of them under the Quartz Stone and Sintered Stone links above. There is quite literally something for everyone. What you end up choosing is up to you, of course. You might like marble, especially if you are a pastry cook, because of the fact that it remains “stone” cold (!) which is perfect for mixing pastry. You might prefer quartz because it is virtually unbreakable and non-porous. Call us on 01992 535 038 or email to book an appointment to view samples and get expert advice from our friendly team.

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