Suppliers of Silestone Worktops in London

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Silestone are one of the leading manufacturers of Quartz worktops. Quartz is an engineered stone surface which is formed by combining quartz, resin, pigments, polymers and other natural products under extreme pressure. This process means that, along with granite, quartz is one of the most durable kitchen countertop materials available! Silestone is one of the top selling quartz worktop companiesĀ for many reasons including; excellent stain, scratch, acid and impact resistance, bacteriostatic protection and a huge range of shades and textures.

If you would like to find suppliers of Silestone worktopsĀ in London, one of the first places you should visit is Marble & Granite. Marble & Granite are one of the top suppliers of Silestone worktopsĀ in London, Central London and Greater London. Although you can get a decent idea of what they look like, you can’t see the true beauty of a Silestone countertop unless you see it up close and personal. That’s why Marble & Granite always have an open door where you can pop by to take a look at their ever expanding range of countertops. Just call 01992 535 038 to find out more.