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Tips To Restore Dull Granite Worktops?

Granite worktops from Brentford have been a popular choice for worktops in London. Whether it is in the kitchen or the dining hall, granite adds a touch of elegance to the space where it is installed as a worktop. The natural stone elevates any decor with its sleek and stylish look. However, like marble, granite demands care. With time, the finish of a granite worktop can wear out. If you want to preserve its sparkling look, you must take adequate care to save it from scratches, grease, and acids. Here are a few easy techniques which you can use to maintain your precious granite kitchen worktops.

Tips And Elements Needed To Maintain Granite Worktops

To maintain the lustre of granite worktops, you must have access to a few basic cleaning materials and you must know the techniques to use them. Though the processes are primarily DIY, it is advisable to take the help of the professionals. Nevertheless, here are a list of these materials and the techniques for you to understand the cleaning techniques vividly-

Granite Polishing Powder

Granite polishing powder is commonly available in the market. Mix the powder with a little amount of water to make a thick paste, and polish the stone surface with it with the help of a clean cloth. This method helps remove minor stains and scratches.

Granite Polishing Cream

Granite Polishing cream helps to restore the worktop’s gleam. After application, you will find the stone surface sparkling. These creams are not expensive; also, since you can apply them yourself, you can save money there too. However, professional help is always advisable.

Sealing Granite

Sealing the granite worktops is another easy and effective process to regain the polish. Granites are porous, due to which cracks might occur on them. Often, oil and grease accumulate in these cracks. Before sealing the Granite worktop, clean it properly with a cotton cloth. After that, the worktop will receive a fresh polish. Now comes the sealing part. This way, the polish gets sealed and protected from external weathering. A penetrating sealer is best because it offers long-term protection to the stone worktop.

Professional Polishing

Sometimes limescale deposits in water seep through the granite worktops. If you do not remove these accumulations, they will bring etching on the granite worktop. In such cases, you must call and book an appointment with a professional. First, they rub the surface with fine wire wool, and cleaning the worktop with pH-neutral cleaner comes next. After this, they use a stone polishing machine to clean old stains and grease from the granite. Finally, they seal the worktop to maintain its shine for longer.

Here at Marble & Granite, we offer professional services for granite and marble worktops in London. Contact us today, and we assure you to revive your worktop with all its dullness gone.

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