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Trendy Granite Worktops in Enfield to Look Out for in 2023

Are you building a new home or renovating one? It is the perfect opportunity to implement the latest trends in home decor, be it in lighting, furniture, colours or worktops. Granite worktops are popular among homeowners since they are aesthetic, affordable, and convenient choices. You can add them to your kitchen, washrooms, office receptions and more. Check out these top favourite granite worktop styles of 2023.

Three Granite Worktop Trends of 2023:

Matte finish

Granite worktops come in different kinds of finishes, and matte finish is rocking the market in 2023. The worktops will have a matte or satin appearance rather than a shiny and glossy look. It helps bring out the natural beauty of the stone, and you can achieve a muted, elegant look in your kitchens or washrooms. The homed or matte finish looks great for granites like Nero Mist, London Leather or Black Diamond.

Neutral tones

Thanks to minimalism, neutral tones are strongly holding their ground in the home decor market. But the all-white aesthetic may have taken the back seat, and warmer hues of browns, coppers, ochre, and gold are becoming increasingly popular. Neutral-tone granites are perfect for a luxury and posh effect. However, if minimalism is not your style, neutral granites still come in handy. They are easier to experiment with, and you can pair bold colour schemes with these worktops.

Grains and veins

Grains and veins are what make each slab of natural stone unique, and granite worktops in Enfield are not an exception. If you love to add some drama to your living spaces, bold surfaces are making a steady comeback in the market. These granite worktops are for those who do not believe in playing it safe. The naturally formed patterns on granite lend the worktop a rich and elegant look when paired with the right colour palettes. But you can also opt for subtle veins if you want a balance of flashy yet quiet.

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