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How To Verify The Authenticity Of Marble Worktops In London?

Marbles have been beautifying homes for several decades. It adds flare and luxury to your kitchens, gardens and washrooms. However, with technological advancement, engineered marble is abundantly available in stores. Homeowners are also often fooled with counterfeit, low-quality marble slabs. Is there a way in which you can tell a natural marble apart from an artificial one? There are four tests you can do to determine if the marble worktops in London are authentic.

First, we have the colour test. It is the easiest test to see if a marble is authentic or artificial. Marble comes in slight shades that can range from white to black. It is a solid white hue when marble has no visual flaws or impurities. Integration with minerals, such as the layers in limestone, leads to colourations like yellow, green, grey, cream, blue, and pink. However, bright colours like orange and turquoise indicate that the marble is engineered.

Next is the vein test. When the impurities in the marble mix with limestone, they create patterns and swirls known as veins. These can shoot up the price of the stone based on their appearance. For example, Italian marbles are expensive because of their finer veins and clear contrast. Artificial marble can mimic marble’s veined and swirled appearance, but it will lack any dimension or depth that occurs due to natural veining.

This may be a tricky test, but it will help you verify the authenticity of the marble. Take a knife or any sharp object and scratch the surface. If it leaves marks, the marble is real. Else it is man-made. But remember to scratch a part that will not be visible after installation.

Natural marbles have an unparalleled and inimitable shine. It is highly in demand due to the glossiness it can achieve. Although engineered marbles look shiny, they cannot compete with natural stone. Artificial marble used as countertops in homes often incorporate finely crushed materials with a high sheen, such as glass, which initially creates a high gloss look.

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