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Wood Vs. Stone Worktops In Stevenage- What’s The Better Choice?

Choosing the perfect kitchen worktop is not a child’s play. Whether you are building a new kitchen or refurbishing an old one, you have to determine the most suitable worktop based on several factors. Modern homeowners often find themselves confused between wood and stone worktops. This article will help you identify why stone worktops in Stevenage are the best choice.

Wood Worktops:

Hardwood like oak, iroko and walnut make for extraordinary worktops that lend a vintage vibe to your kitchen. Let’s check out the pros and cons of wooden worktops.


  • The kitchen looks warm and has a natural touch to it.
  • Some wooden worktops are less expensive than stone worktops.
  • It can be easier to work with wood.


  • Wood worktops are not heat resistant and can stain easily.
  • Continuous contact with water damages the wood, especially the sink area.
  • The toughest of wood requires high-level maintenance.
  • To retain the look, you have to constantly re-sand and re-seal the worktop. It can be a costly affair.

Stone Worktops:

Stone worktops, on the other hand, have stood the test of time and continue to find a spot in modern homes. While some stone worktops look sophisticated and classy, others lend an edgy look to the overall interior. Here are some pros and cons of stone worktops in Stevenage.


  • Stone worktops are easier to clean. You simply wipe them off with a soft cloth and water.
  • These require very little maintenance.
  • Non-porous worktops inhibit bacterial growth and do not have buried debris.
  • Stone worktops, like granite tops are tough and do not break or chip easily.
  • You can achieve different looks with stone worktops,
  • Stone worktops are heat and water-resistant, they do not stain easily.
  • These worktops retain their shine and glamour for a long time and look as good as new for ages.
  • Every natural stone worktop is unique owing to its distinct veins and patterns.
  • Such worktops increase the value of the property during resales.
  • Stone worktops like quartz are recyclable and eco-friendly.


  • Can have a high upfront cost.
  • Requires proper sealing, if used regularly.

From the above comparison, stone worktops emerge as a clear winner.

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