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Caesarstone Vs Granite – Which Worktop in Stevenage is Best?

When choosing a worktop for your kitchen or bathroom, two materials that come to your mind are Caesarstone and Granite. Both provide a choice of colours as well as an opulent appearance. But which one is ideal for you? To assist you in choosing wisely for your stone worktops in Stevenage, Marble and Granite Ltd. will help you understand the differences between Caesarstone and Granite in more detail.

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a type of man-made material. It comprises 93% natural quartz, with the remaining 7% being resin. It is manufactured in slabs and comes in various colours, patterns and finishes.

Benefits of Caesarstone

  • One of the main benefits of Caesarstone is- it is incredibly durable, scratch-proof, stainproof and heat-resistant. This means that it’s long-lasting and simple to maintain.
  • Due to its non-porous type of nature, it’s easy to clean.

Drawbacks of Caesarstone

  • One of the drawbacks of Caesarstone stone worktops in Stevenage is that it is not as heat resistant as Granite. If you place a hot pot or pan directly on the surface, it could cause damage.
  • While Caesarstone is resistant to scratches, it is not completely scratch-proof. So it would be best if you took care when using sharp knives or other tools on the surface.

What is Granite?

Granite is a type of naturally occurring, coarse-grained, light-toned igneous stone worktops in Stevenage. It’s extracted from the earth’s crust. It consists of several minerals like potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar, and quartz, i.e.10–50%. Most of the rocks are made up of these minerals, which can amount to almost 80%. A smooth surface is produced by cutting and polishing Granite slabs.

Benefits of Granite

  • Classic materials like Granite are prized for their beauty and durability. Heat resistance, scratch resistance, and stain resistance are all present.
  • Additionally, because each Granite slab is distinct, your workstation will be totally one-of-a-kind.

Drawbacks of Granite

  • One of the main drawbacks of Granite is that it requires more maintenance than Caesarstone. It is porous, meaning it can absorb liquids and stains if improperly sealed.
  • Moreover, it is more prone to chipping or cracking than Caesarstone.

So, Which is Better?

When it comes down to Granite and Caesarstone, the best stone worktop for you will depend on your individual need and preference. If you are looking for stone worktops in Stevenage, Marble and Granite Ltd. can help. We offer a variety of materials, such as Caesarstone and Granite, and can assist you in selecting the ideal worktop for your requirements. To find out more, contact us today!

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