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Super white quartz kitchen worktop with 600mm wide inset gas hob

What are the Advantages of Quartz Worktops in Edgware?

Among the umpteen options available for kitchen worktops, quartz worktops in Edgware are novel. Quartz as a material is steadily making its presence felt in the interior design space. If you are planning to buy a new home or thinking of remodelling the kitchen, you may have wondered whether you should go for quartz. So, here’s a list of the quartz worktop benefits to help you make a concrete decision.

The Pros of quartz worktops in Edgware


Speaking of ultra-durable? Quartz is your only answer. Remember, the quartz you get as your worktop is engineered to make it more durable than most other materials so that you can cut, cook, mash, chop and do whatever you wish without staining or chipping it. Here is something to help you understand just how strong quartz is. We know diamond is the most rigid material; on a scale of 10, it is rated 10. Quartz is seven. That indicates how scratch-resistant it is.

Available in many varieties

Quartz worktops are the perfect amalgamation of elegance and modernity regarding design and look. Being engineered, you can customise the worktop as per your preference of colour and design. Like those of granite worktops Rickmansworth, your choices are unlimited.

Long life

Once you set the quartz worktop in your kitchen, you can be assured of its long life. Even the brands you choose to buy the quartz from will give you years of warranty. These warranty periods can be anything between 10 and 25-30 years. With such generous warranties, you do not need to get worried.


Engineered quartz worktops Edgware are not porous. Thus, even if you make a mess while cooking and spill food items on the surface, there is no chance of those seeping through the countertop and causing fungus or bacteria infestation.

Naturally resistant to scratch

Except for diamond, topaz, sapphire and ruby, nothing can scratch quartz due to its hardness. On a scale of one to ten, quartz ranks seven (according to the calculation of the Mohs Hardness scale). So, you can realise how highly unlikely it is to get your quartz worktop scratched.

Easy to maintain

Any gentle cleaning product or a simple wipe with warm soapy water every day after you finish cooking is all it takes to keep the quartz shining. Generally, these worktops come with a resin coating, making cleaning easy. A thorough cleaning once a week, and you are good to go!


Quartz does not add harmful chemical emissions to the circulating air and thus keeps the air healthy and of better quality. Also, because of its durability, you do not need to think of replacing it in a few years. This reduces waste.

Now that you know the benefits of using quartz in your kitchen, you can think them over and make an elegant addition to your kitchen.

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