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Why Do So Many West End Residents Choose Granite Worktops In Mayfair?

At Marble & Granite we are long-established providers of stone worktops of all kinds, marble and granite being two of the most popular, of course. Hence our name!

It is true that we have a lot of demand for our worktops, and in particular for granite worktops in Mayfair. You might think that this is because granite is expensive and that anyone who lives in Mayfair can afford it. To a certain extent that is true: granite is not a “cheap” option, but then the best of anything never is. At the same time, granite is not the most expensive choice: that honour belongs to marble. Marble is a wonderful stone, but it has its’ drawbacks.

Granite, on the other hand, has advantages that marble does not. It is an extremely hard stone, with a rating on the Mohs scale of hardness of over 6. It can vary to some extent depending upon how it was formed and what other minerals were present in small quantities. By comparison, marble is rated at 3.

But you can be fairly certain when you use granite worktops that you are very unlikely to scratch the surface. In fact, while we always recommend using a chopping board on all stone surfaces for cutting vegetables and so on, when it comes to granite you are more likely to damage your knife blade! So, this is a very good reason for choosing granite worktops, and why so many of our Mayfair customers do.

Choice Of Colours

Another very big advantage of granite for use as worktops is the choice of colours. As a natural stone, every slab is different, and the colours and graining depend upon what minerals were originally present. But you have almost unlimited choices. This means that when you use granite there will always be some slabs that match your choice of colouring in the kitchen. Alternatively, of course, you might want to do what some people do and that is to have worktops of a different colour so that they stand out. With granite, you can have it in green, blue, brown, beige, black, grey, white, and more.

The best thing to do if you are looking for new worktops for your kitchen is to book an appointment to pop over to visit us at our workshops in Hatfield and browse through the various slabs we have in stock. You can then choose the exact slabs that you want us to use.

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