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5 Creative Ideas For Designing a Kitchen With Marble Worktops in North London

While artificial or other worktops are making their way into kitchens, marble worktops are still a family favourite. Be it a traditional kitchen or a modern one, marble worktops always find a place. The veins and spots in the marble distinguish each slab from the other. Marble worktops can have two kinds of finish – matte and polished. Each of these has different advantages, and the best way to choose is by considering the entire aesthetic of the kitchen. Here are five  creative ideas for your new marble worktop:

  1. Breakfast bar: A kitchen island is a classic choice, but how about a mini breakfast bar? It is a raised counter in a kitchen with room for seating and is used for eating light meals. Enjoy a delicious Sunday breakfast with your family, with an extensive spread of jams, butter, and eggs.
  2. Play around with shapes: Rather than going for mundane rectangular worktops, experiment with different shapes. Curved designs will look good if you are blessed with a large kitchen area. On the other hand, you can choose a round or an oval countertop for smaller spaces.
  3. Outdoor kitchen worktop: If you have an outdoor kitchen set up, then you can use marble there as well. Although the worktop will be in perfect condition for several years, for an outdoor kitchen, you must consider the weathering. Furthermore, avoid polished marble in this case, as the polish will wear off quickly, and the worktop will look rugged.
  4. Double-layered kitchen island: Most marble worktops resemble a table and are one-tired. However, opt for double layering if you want to add a dimension to the worktop. Here there is an elevated platform on top of the worktop. The second worktop is sleeker than the first one and can be used for decorative purposes. You can keep flower vases, candy jars, spices, and showpieces here.
  5. Contrasting countertops: Another idea for your marble worktop is to play around with colours in your kitchen. Let’s say you have brown cabinets. Here you can use beige marble for the worktops. Similarly, white cabinets and brown or black marble look highly sophisticated.

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