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What Makes Granite Worktops from Bishops Stortford Your Perfect Choice?

For aeons, granite worktops have been the first choice for use in the kitchen. Other countertop surfaces are less durable and natural than granite worktops from Bishops Stortford. Though personal choices may vary from individual to individual, granite has successfully maintained its position as the most preferred material. With a wide array of colours and designs available, granite speaks of variety. So, what are the top reasons you should go for granite worktops? Here is a list-

Unmatched Style and Design

Each piece of natural granite is unique. No two granite slabs have the same colour, design variations etc. The basic colours of granite are green, yellow, red, earthy tone or blue. But various slabs have various hues and shades. The one you set up in your kitchen will not resemble that of another. The veining of colours gives birth to a variety of designs also. This way, some granite worktops might give off the look of marble worktops in London but with more strength and durability.

Resistance Against Stain and Heat

Working in the kitchen equals spilling a little sauce here, putting a hot pan there and so on. If your worktop cannot endure these, there will be trouble. Granite worktops can readily resist heat and stains due to their toughness and easy-to-clean properties. A wipe with a soft cloth soaked in a simple soap-water solution can clean all the stains. Brought out the baking tray from the oven and forgetfully put it directly on the worktop? No worries. Granite can take the heat and won’t crack under it.

Affordability and Durability 

Compared to marble worktops in London, granite worktops are more affordable and do not need frequent replacing. So, once you put up a granite worktop in your kitchen, you can relax for around thirty years and not worry about replacing the worktop- not even once. Thus, the price you pay for a granite worktop initially helps you acquire the return on investment.

Increased Market Value of Your House 

Real estate is more of a buyers’ market where the consumers’ choices value more. When it comes to kitchen worktops, the common preference is granite. So, if you have granite worktops from Bishops Stortford in your home and you plan to put the property up on the market, you can be assured of getting a higher value for it. Of course, this will not be the only selling point but will add to the possibility of higher investment returns.

Granite worktops are advantageous from many angles. They are versatile, and when it comes to designs, you will be truly spoilt for choices. Other material countertops, on the other hand, come in a limited number of designs and are mostly shown as small cuboidal samples. In the granite worktop section, you can view the whole slab; as a result, you can develop a clearer idea of how it will look in your kitchen.

Considering the numerous pros mentioned above, you can go for granite worktops without a second thought. The unique appearance with eco-friendly properties surely makes the natural stone worktop a choice worth making.

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