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It’s 2024: Time To Spruce Up that Kitchen!

Well, here we are in 2024: doesn’t time fly? It seems like only a week or two ago we were welcoming 2023!

Here at Marble & Granite, this is a time of year when we have a lot of enquiries about new kitchen worktops from our customers. Christmas is done and dusted, and many people want to brighten up and modernise their kitchens, and one of the most important things is those worktops. Not only because of their functionality, but also because the worktops are a stand-out feature of any kitchen. That means that when you update them, they make a huge difference to the appearance. In fact, even if you only replace the worktops, it will look as though you have a new kitchen!

Of course, some people will go the “whole hog” and completely renew everything. New appliances, new cupboards and containers, new worktops. Some will even extend their kitchens into the garden to give themselves more space or knock down the wall between the dining room and kitchen to make one large room where you can do everything. This can make a lot of sense in the 21st century since we now spend more time in the kitchen, and many people entertain family and friends there for meals.

But whatever your plans, the worktops are a vital consideration. They can also be subject to a lot of thought and discussion because there are so many options. You can have wood worktops, stainless steel, tile, natural stone, man-made stone, concrete, laminate – the list goes on.

Natural Stone

Many of or customers today choose natural stone for their worktops because of (1) the almost endless choice of patterns and (2) the fact that when you have natural stone your kitchen worktops are going to be unique. Nobody else will have exactly the same patterns and colours.

Many of our customers choose granite worktops in Greenwich, partly because of the beauty of the huge choices that we offer, but also because of the fact that they are – quite literally – as hard as a rock. Some natural stones such as marble are soft stones, but granite is really tough. Yes, it is possible to damage even a granite worktop if you do something such as drop a heavy cast-iron pan on them from a height, but generally they will take whatever they get.

Add to that the vast choice of colours, and the endless possibilities of edgings etc., and there is the right choice for every kitchen. Make an appointment to come over and visit our factory in Hatfield and see the huge selection of patterns that we have.

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