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Why Do Modern Homeowners Prefer Granite Worktops In Washrooms?

Modern homes need to be smart, aesthetic and comfortable. Granite worktops in Bishops Stortford check all three boxes, and the new-age homeowner is in all awe of this natural stone worktop. But why?

First and foremost, cleaning granite worktops are simple and hassle-free. Granite is a non-porous material, so it will not absorb water, dirt, bacteria, soap or foul smells. You can simply wipe them with a soft, micro-fibre cloth and soap water to remove stains. Hence, they are perfect for busy individuals, especially with children.

Tip: Make sure to pat the worktops often to remove watermarks. However, be careful not to expose the surface to hot appliances, or it can damage the polish.

Granite also has an aesthetic value. Each granite slab is unique due to its speck of colour and veins. No two worktops will be similar. When installed in washrooms, they look elegant and chic. But the stone is not only pleasing to the eyes. They also provide functionality and durability. Modern homeowners readily choose granite worktops for their homes because of the stone’s longevity. It is known as one of the toughest natural stones. With adequate maintenance, you will not have to change it for several years. These do not chip, break or stain easily, making them ideal for busy households.

 If you ever plan on selling your home, granite worktops can increase the value of the property. It lends an air of luxury and looks elegant when appropriately maintained. Therefore, if paired with well-planned other home improvement projects, granite worktops can fetch you a higher price for your property.

Believe it or not, granite worktops are a sustainable choice for your home. Although durable, if you refurbish your home, uninstalled granite worktops can still be used for retaining walls, paver stones, small stones for mosaics and driveways, and more. Granite worktops can be salvaged and recycled in many ways to reduce the water, energy, and resources needed to generate a new product.

Therefore, granite is an unparalleled choice for washrooms.

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