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How To Take Care Of Your Precious Marble Worktops

Marble can make your kitchen a stunning place with its mere presence. Among all the worktop materials, marble worktops in North London are the classic ones preferred by many due to their sheer beauty. But the main problem that many get disappointed with while using marble worktops is that these quickly get dirty. In addition, these are more prone to develop cracks, scratches, stains or etchings. However, these are relatively easy to prevent. Here is a list of how to take care of the marble in your kitchen so they retain its lustre.

Soap is the solution

Many believe that marble being a pricey material, must require high-end cleaning. Reality is quite the contrary. Instead of using abrasive cleaners, regular soap and water can do the trick. Make a solution of warm water, gentle soap, and a wet cotton cloth or dish towel. Now wipe the worktop well with this, and either leave it to dry or use a dry absorbent cloth to wipe it again. If you do this regularly, the marble worktop will be clean even after daily use.

Keep acid away

One thing that damages the marble and granite worktops of Knightsbridge beyond repair is acid. The acid reacts with the marble components and leaves etchings on it. So, if you are using lemons in your cooking, make sure not to spill the juice directly on the worktop. The same is for tomatoes, limes, grapes, pineapples, oranges, etc., as they are all citrus fruits. Always use chopping boards or bowls. While choosing marble cleaners, read the ingredients list well to ensure no acidic substance is present.

Attend the stains immediately

While we did mention that a soapy mixture can clean the marble worktops of North London satisfactorily, there is one thing still. If you spill some sauce on it or have the cake batter splattered on your worktop, do not leave them as it is for long. With time, these will dry and make the worktop blemished or spotted. So, if you clean these immediately, there will be no chance of the marble getting permanently stained. For example, if there is water on it, wipe it with a dry cloth without thinking that water will eventually evaporate.

Arrange for extra protection 

When installing a marble worktop in your kitchen, protect it from the start. Opt for a sealant and apply it on the worktop to give it the extra protection it needs and make it look more impressive. A sealant layer will keep off stains and etchings as the substances cannot come in direct contact with the marble. However, do not miss the resealing schedule necessary to maintain the sealant properties. Granite worktops of Knightsbridge can also use this technique.

The famous novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne said, “Life is made up of marble and mud.” However, for the marble of your kitchen, the above caring tips can keep the mud at bay.

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