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Super white quartz kitchen worktop with 600mm wide inset gas hob

Innovative Uses of Quartz Worktops in Wembley: Beyond the Kitchen

We all know quartz is an awesome material for kitchen counters. But did you know it’s also an amazing choice for other rooms?

For Bathrooms

The material is super tough and scratch-resistant. Your quartz vanity top can handle getting knocked around without getting marked up.

Creative Quartz Bathroom Designs

A sleek quartz vanity with an integrated sink makes a stunning focal point. And the material comes in so many rich colours and patterns – everything from bright whites to luxe marble.

You could even wrap the whole room in quartz for a spa-like oasis! Imagine quartz tub surrounds, shower walls, and window sills. Add some plants and plush towels and you have your retreat.

Quartz in Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms are hard workers that could use some luxury too! Durable quartz worktops in Wembley are perfect for this utility space.

Pet Bathing Station

If you have furry family members, an in-laundry room pet bathing station is simply genius. A sleek quartz tub or shower base contains the mess and is a cinch to clean when bath time is done.

The non-porous material won’t soak up any pet hair or odours either. And it’s plenty tough to handle rambunctious pups.

Outdoor Quartz

Quartz worktops in Wembley can even be taken outside! This durable stone can handle the elements with ease.

Grill Stations & Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen with quartz counters? Quartz stands up to the sun, rain, food spills – you name it. It makes prepping and serving your backyard BBQ spreads wonderful.

You can even have a custom quartz grill station built to create the ultimate outdoor cooking setup. Gleaming counters provide ample prep space while cabinets and drawers keep all your grilling tools and spices organised.

Modern Patio Style

Create a luxe indoor-outdoor vibe by using quartz for patio surfaces too. Sleek quartz coffee tables, side tables, benches and more add an upscale resort-inspired feel.

The material is cool and comfortable underfoot too – perfect for bare feet on hot summer days. And it’s easy to clean, requiring a quick rinse with the hose.

Poolside Luxury

Take that resort vibe by surrounding your pool with quartz surfaces. Quartz decking provides a safe non-slip wet surface that stays cool in the sun.

You can even go all out and have a quartz-topped cabana built for the ultimate poolside luxury and shade. Add some plush loungers and it’s staycation central!

Whatever your inspiration, we’re ready with firsthand advice and free quotes. Just give us a call or stop by our showroom to get started!

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