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Marble Worktops- the Unparalleled Choice of Modern Homeowners

Marble- a natural stone found deep under the earth’s crust has been beautifying homes for several aeons. It is used for making exquisite sculptures or glossy floors. Amongst all its use, marble is widely used in the home, more specifically, the kitchen as worktops. Be it a traditional kitchen or a modern one- marble worktops always find a spot. However, before using it, there are some things one must consider about marble worktops. If you want to enhance your interiors with marble worktops in London, then this article is a must-read.

Look and feel of marble worktops:

Marble worktops can have two kinds of finish – matte finish and polished finish. Each of these has different advantages, and the best way to choose is by considering the entire aesthetic of the kitchen.

Polished marble tops do not stain easily; however, scratches are visible on them. The polish also wears off with time. On the other hand, matte finish marble worktops stains quickly, but the scratches are less visible on these.

Some of the standard colours of natural marble include white, beige, black, green, pink, and red.

Pros of marble worktops:

  1. Aesthetic aura: It is no secret that marble is a sought-after natural stone because of its beauty. Installing marble worktops in London homes will instantly elevate their aesthetic and make them more luxurious. The colourful stones paired with patterns of veins are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Since there are several options available, you choose the one that exactly fits your vibes.
  2. Heat handlers: Marble makes an excellent choice for kitchen worktops because they are heat resistant. If you accidentally place your hot utensils on the marble worktop, they will not stain or burn. However, since it is not entirely heat-proof, there may be some cases of discolouration and thermal shock. If you love baking or work as a home baker, then marble worktops are your ideal choice.
  3. Highly durable: Marble worktops are not inexpensive. However, they are highly durable and can last for years. Since these worktops can last for a long time, you do not have to worry about replacing them soon or spending a fortune on them frequently.

Although the advantages of marble worktops outweigh the disadvantages, it is vital to know them before committing.

Cons of marble worktops:

  1. Cleaning chaos: Cleaning marble worktops is not a cakewalk. Since it is a porous material, it quickly stains, which can stay intact for several years. If you have installed white marble worktops, then you have to be extra careful with red wines, sauces, and any acidic cooking liquid that can easily spoil the material.
  2. Installation issues: Installing marble slabs is not too simple since it is a heavy stone. It requires special care and can be damaged if not carefully handled.

While artificial or other worktops are making their way in kitchens, marble worktops are still a family favourite. Despite some disadvantages, the benefits of marble worktops make them an excellent choice.

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