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How to Select the Right Granite Worktops in London: 4 Easy Tips

Natural stones like granite give buyers ample options, including materials, colours, and other features. It has been a popular choice for worktops for the past years. Granite worktops in London are economical, elegant and durable. These worktops are aesthetic and practical. Therefore, granite worktops are perfect for all, be it fun experiments with kids or dinner with friends. Here are 4 tips on selecting the best granite worktops in London for your kitchen:

  1. Consider the size of your kitchen: When choosing granite, consider the kitchen’s size. When it is a small space, explore light shades and vibrant colours. Light colours brighten up the room and make it look bigger. If white is too basic for you, yellow, beige, and pink granite are always options. Dark colours in dingy spaces can cramp up the kitchen’s look.
  2. Play along with the cabinets: This is a simple trick: match the granite or compliment the cabinets. If your cabinets are white, you can pick a dark colour of granite, like grey or black. This way, you can create a contrast in the kitchen. Again, you can select a green granite table top for unfinished wooden cabinets. Moreover, you may also consider the tile colour in this case. Green tiles perfectly go well with white granite tops.
  3. Tile or slab: take your pick:  Granite tops are available in the forms of tiles and solid slabs. Tile granite countertops are more budget-friendly, but the grout lines will be visible. Slabs of granite can show very few or no grout lines. However, these countertops are costlier in terms of labour and materials.
  4. Explore unique patterns: The veins and designs in granite make each slab distinguishable. There are three basic patterns: solid, speckled, and marbled. Solid granite has minimal texture variations, whereas the patterns transition smoothly in marbled granite. Speckled granite has a great deal of variation in colour and texture.

Wrapping up:

If you have your heart set on natural stone kitchen worktops, you should consider marble worktops in Romford. It has been a sought-after natural stone for decades, and its grandeur remains uncontested. However, marble is softer than granite and vulnerable to damage due to its porosity. The veins and spots in the marble distinguish each slab from the other. No matter what worktop you choose, Marble & Granite Ltd has the perfect stone for every home.

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