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Which Are The Best Stone Worktops For A London Home Kitchen?

The choice of kitchen worktop determines how great the whole look of the kitchen will turn out to be. There are myriad options available for worktops in current times. Laminates, concrete, wood, etc., are gradually becoming widely available. But nothing beats the timeless beauty and class of stone worktops from London. Here’s a list of natural stones that you can choose from for your dream kitchen worktop:


This metamorphic rock tops the list with its beauty, elegance and durability. Trends may come and go, but homeowners’ fascination towards marble won’t fade. Carrara, Calacatta, and Arabescato are a few of the top-quality marbles. Different veining gives different styles to marble worktops and gives the kitchen a high-end look.

Moreover, marble is heat-resistant, which makes it even more desirable. However, the downside is that marble is porous and can get stained. But sealing it appropriately before installation and regularly resealing it will ensure the shine retains.


Apart from durability, what makes granite worktops from Hackney favourable are its stain and scratch-resistant properties. However, putting scorching hot utensils directly on granite slabs is never recommendable. Available in various designs and colours, granite comes with natural patterns and a pinkish hue due to the accumulation of mica, quartz and feldspar. It does not require high maintenance. Daily wash with mild dish soap will keep the stains away.

If you have chosen a firm and sealed granite worktop for your kitchen, you have to worry even less, as the sealing will protect it from external wear and tear and prevent oil, water and other substances from entering the stone.


Quartz is a human-made stone for worktops. 90% natural quartz and other materials such as polymers, resin, pigments, etc., develop this stone, one of the top choices of homeowners for their kitchens. These stone worktops in London are less likely to crack, chip or stain. It comes in various colours than marble and granite, has a glossy finish, and has almost zero maintenance.

You do not need to seal or reseal it. Warm soapy water is enough to maintain its look and lustre. In today’s busy schedule that everyone has to abide by, quartz worktops reduce the cleaning workload.

But if sunlight keeps your kitchen flooded, it will be wiser not to go for quartz because it is not UV-resistant. So long exposure to sunlight will fade it makes its lustre go away.


Unlike quartz, quartzite is 100% natural stone and is a good choice for worktops. It comes with wavy natural patterns and heat-resistant properties. High durability and scratch resistance make it a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers. However, the resistance varies with hardness, and softer quartzite is more prone to wear and tear.

A visit to Marble & Granite will help you choose from a never-ending range of marble, quartz, and granite worktops from Hackney. With a guarantee of not compromising quality, we assure you that you will find the right worktop you are looking for.

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