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Why Is Quartz So Popular?

Many homeowners are aware of granite and marble countertops which have become staples in the kitchen, but quartz as a worktop material for the home has typically been a less widely used choice. 

Today, however, quartz is a growingly popular option chosen by many individuals working on the interior renovation of their kitchen units. This beautifully engineered material offers great aesthetic appeal as well as several beneficial features, such as durability and affordability.

Practical Durability

Like all good countertop materials, quartz is incredibly strong and durable. Withstanding a great deal of pressure, it is resistant to chips and scratches. Despite this strength, it doesn’t have the same hardness in the feel that some people find unpleasant in natural stone.

Quartz is non-porous so it also resists staining much better than granite, marble and concrete. It stands up to pretty much all of the troublesome liquid ingredients you find in the kitchen that could lead to staining, including fresh fruit juice, cooking oil, wine, tomato sauce, coffee and more.


The non-porous nature of a quartz surface means that it won’t harbour bacteria or germs. This is an increasingly sought after attribute in the home environment today, with cleanliness being a vital component of reducing the spread of harmful viruses.

As long as you apply a reasonable cleaning and disinfecting process, you can rest assured that your quartz countertop will be completely clean and safe for use. 


The cost of most high-quality quartz countertops is offset by the fact that they require almost no maintenance. 

As long as you avoid applying any extremely intense heat and carry out regular cleaning of spillages, you never really have to worry about your quartz countertop being damaged.

Combine this with the durable nature of the material and you have a countertop that won’t need to be changed for as long as you are happy with how it looks in your kitchen. And with its timeless appearance, this could be as long as your lifetime (or that of your home’s).


As mentioned, a high-quality countertop can sometimes be a significant part of your kitchen renovation budget, but when compared to other popular choices like marble, quartz can be incredibly affordable. 

Innovations in the production of this man-made product have allowed for the creation of amazing countertops that can suit almost any budget, with shapes and sizes that can be tailored to every interior design scheme you can think of. 

What Is Quartz Made from?

Quartz countertops are man-made and consist of quartz chips or quartz dust bound together with resin. Compared to stone, countertops made with quartz dust are much more uniform in appearance as no discernible grains or individual stones will be visible within the surface.

Usually, the composition of quartz is about 90% quartz to 10% resin, but this can vary depending on the individual product and manufacturer. As the quartz is so finely ground, the overall appearance and colour will be very even, without much variation.

Quartz countertops can also be made with chips to create a mottled, speckled appearance similar to natural stone and the colour options are pretty much limitless. The resin used to colour the countertop can be tinted in almost any colour.  

What About Quartzite?

Quartzite countertops, often mistaken with quartz, countertops are actual slabs of natural quartzite stone. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that starts life as sandstone that transforms under intense heat, pressure, and metamorphic activity. 

Quartzite is also an incredibly popular and appealing material for kitchen counters, but it does come with different properties and a slightly higher price tag than most man-made quartz worktops. 

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