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5 Gorgeous Marble Worktop Colors for Sleek and Modern Office Aesthetics

Did you think marble countertops are only for residential properties? Thankfully, it is not true.  Marble worktops in Romford are a gorgeous addition to corporate offices. The stone is available in different colours, especially when your purchase the engineered stone. But offices require something sleek, modern and sophisticated. If you are building your dream office or renovating the old one, here are five marble colours to choose from.

  1. Majestic White: Be it the reception or the conference room, you can never go wrong with white marble. The misty veins and specks of browns and blacks add the cherry on top. It is a popular choice for modern offices. You can also mix and match the furniture and accents to achieve a sophisticated look.
  2. Brilliant Black: Black marble in offices? It may seem like a controversial idea until you do it. Black marble countertops look effortless and captivating. It is also easy to maintain. If you have your heart fixed on a black marble worktop, it is best to install it in large and open spaces, such as receptions, rather than small chambers.
  3. Sophisticated grey: Do you think black and white is mainstream and outdated? Grey marble worktops will save the day if you want something more minimal and sophisticated. The neutral tones of grey marble can fit into any sombre colour palette. But if you love vibrant interiors, grey marble does not disappoint and complements bright furniture and decor.
  4. Bold Brown: If minimalism is not your taste, and you want to do something bold or play around with colours while planning your office interiors, brown marble countertops are your go-to choice. It is elegant yet makes a statement. Brown marble worktops in Romford look excellent with light wood cabinets.
  5. Soft Beige: Finding a balance between bold, minimal, and elegant stand beige marble worktops. It creates a calm and soothing environment while blending in perfectly with other elements of the interior and the overall colour palette.

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