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May 19, 2014

Many people incorrectly believe that quartz worktops are made from solid quartz. In fact, quartz stone is also known as engineered stone, because it isn’t made purely from quartz. In the manufacturing process, quartz is combined with other man made materials, such as resins and aggregates. So does this make quartz stone inferior to other […]

May 15, 2014

Silestone is a quartz worktop manufacturer that has built up a reputation for quality. They are one of the UK’s most sought after quartz worktop producers – so it’s no wonder this brand is many peoples first choice. Benefits of Silestone Worktops 10 Year Warranty – If you invest in a Silestone countertop then you […]

May 12, 2014

If you’re working on a development project, looking to re-design your kitchen or in the process of replacing tired kitchen worktops, then Silestone is a work-surface to consider. What is Silestone?  There are many companies that manufacture quartz worktops to a high standard. However, you may have heard of a few specific brands, such as […]

April 30, 2014

With the kitchen worksurface industry being such a well established market, it’s relatively uncommon for any truly groundbreaking products to emerge. Despite this, one newcomer which could prove to be a big hit amongst fabricators and clients is one known asLapitec. Traditionally, kitchen worksurfaces have been made from wood, stone, ceramics and, more recently, quartz. […]

April 27, 2014

We are pleased to announce that we have now begun to fabricate a new and exciting quartz stone product – Quartzforms! Quartzforms is similar to other high quality quartz stone products such as Silestone, Caesarstone and Compac, and is produced in much the same way. The process of creating this engineered stone  involves combining 93% […]

April 22, 2014

Caeasarstone is a type of high end kitchen worktop and is also what is known as engineered stone. This means that rather than being carved from a solid piece of stone, it is actually man made and produced using quartz, resins and other natural stone products. This differs from other options and gives it some […]

April 15, 2014

Deciding to buy a quartz countertop for your kitchen is a great choice for many reasons. These reasons include this material’s exceptional durability, excellent bacteria resistance and the wide and varied range of styles and colours to choose from. However, once you’ve decided what kind of worktop you want, you still have the task of […]

April 10, 2014

When it comes down to the high end options in kitchen countertops, there are really only a couple of choices – ceramic, granite and quartz. Whilst ceramic countertops have seen somewhat of a resurgence in the last few years and quartz has steadily grown in popularity since the turn of the century, neither of these […]

April 6, 2014

Quartz ranks at the top of the table amongst high end kitchen worktops and boasts numerous advantages, including excellent durability and an eye catching array of colours and designs. As granite is a natural product and isn’t manufactured in a strict and exacting process, it can mean that it is prone to suffering from slight […]

April 3, 2014

If you’re looking for a supreme quality quartz worktop, then Caesarstone will be one of the first manufacturers to come to mind. Since 1987 they have been crafting high quality countertops comprising of 93% quartz. With this in mind, the worktops are not only stunning to look at, but they also offer superior durability. Using their […]

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