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20mm quartz worktop with stepped edge

How to Select the Perfect Marble Worktop Edges

Marble worktop in London is still a popular choice among homeowners. Marble is a versatile and elegant natural stone that can be installed in washrooms and kitchens. They are low maintenance and stay radiant for several years. But are the natural patterns and veins of the marble worktop enough for its sophisticated look? No!

Not many homeowners pay attention, but worktop edges are an essential part of the design. Do you know how to choose the perfect ones for your home?

Factors to consider while determining the shape of your marble worktop edges:


If you have children or (clumsy) teenagers at home, choose blunt edge worktops, such as the full bullnose marble countertop. It is the simplest of all and has a rounded design. Safety is its top-most feature advantage. However, a full bullnose edge may be hard to clean. Straight-edge profiles are not the safest choice if you have kids around.


For minimalists, the straight-edge countertop is perfect. Bevelled edges or Ogee edges are more stylish (and dramatic) options. Ogee has a classic S-shaped design and has the illusion of a two-tiered marble countertop. The bevelled countertop has a classic design with sharp corners. Both of these countertops look luxurious and elegant in the kitchen or washrooms


The washroom and kitchen worktops ought to be squeaky clean but complex countertop edges can make it difficult. Though marble worktops are super easy to clean, it is important that the designs also lend that comfort. Full or demi-bullnose, bevelled and ogee countertops can be hard to clean due to their crevices. However, the straight edge countertops are the easiest to cleanse and maintain. Before finalising, always take the cleaning and maintenance into consideration.


Finally, comes the most important factor. Marble worktops can be expensive. So if you are planning on getting a fancy edge, make sure the design and installation are in good hands. You do not want to purchase the slabs multiple times.

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