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Marble Worktops In North London: What You Need To Know

One of the most popular stones that we provide at Marble & Granite is marble. It has that incredible sheen that other stones just cannot seem to match, and it comes in a range of many different colours.

Many people believe that marble is white, and indeed, it can be. For example, we can provide Bianco Dolomite Polar White Turkish marble which has very little graining in it, or the similar Bianco Lasa Oro.

But marble does not have to be white. If you click on the Natural Stone link at the top of our home page, and then click on Marble and scroll down the page, you will be amazed at the incredible colours and types of graining that we have available. Browns, greens, Belgian black – which is almost pure black, silver, red, and so on.

A Natural Stone

However, one note of caution.  Marble is a natural stone – a non-foliated metamorphic rock – which means that it is formed from what was originally limestone under immense heat and pressure. What that means as regards colour is that every slab is different, which depends upon the other minerals which were in the same area, so the colours and graining that you see on our website are just samples. However, they do give you a very good idea of the overall colours that you can achieve.

In fact, in one way that is an advantage because if you are looking for marble worktops in North London, close to where we are based, we recommend that you visit our premises in Hatfield so that you can choose the exact slab or slabs that you like. We will then use precisely those slabs to produce the finished worktops for you – and nobody else will have worktops that look exactly the same. Your worktops will be unique.

Certainly, marble is a wonderful stone, but it does need a certain amount of care. It is a porous stone, and so it needs to be sealed with a high-quality sealant, which we will do for you. You also have to take care not to scratch it with knives or other utensils. If you spill things like lemon juice or red wine on it, you should wipe it up straight away.

That aside, marble worktops are one of the most popular stones that we supply, and they will not only make your kitchen look fabulous, but they will also add a considerable value to your home.

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