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How To Choose the Best Marble Worktops in Romford?

Remodelling your old property or doing the interiors of your new home is incomplete without marble worktops. And if you are a resident of Romford, East London, then the ultimate place to find the best marble worktops in Romford is the Marble & Granite showroom. In terms of beauty, versatility and durability, our worktops are the top choices among discerning homeowners. However, choosing the right marble countertop for your kitchen is not easy. It requires an understanding of the natural stone. Here we share with you a few tips for identifying the best-quality marble-

Tip 1: Check if it’s original

The best marbles come from Italy, China, Spain, and India. Calacatta marble originates in Italy and has a unique white and golden or grey colour. It is one of the most expensive marbles. Now, don’t get fooled if a crooked seller brings you any white stone from anywhere and makes you believe it is the same thing quarried from the Carrara Mountains of Italy.

To know you are buying the original, check the veining. Each type of marble has a distinctive veining. For example, if you are buying Calacatta, unstructured, bold, and more dramatic but fewer in number veins will make it stand apart from others.

Tip 2: Check the variety available

There is nothing wrong with becoming spoilt for choices while choosing the best marble worktops at Romford. If you have been eyeing Breccia for a long time, try to go through all the available shades and veining options. If you wish to put the same marble on your worktop that the Greek sculptors used, Carrara is your answer. But then again, what else can beat the appeal of pure white and darker shade veining combinations as found in Calacatta? So, before jumping to a decision, it is always wiser to explore all the options.

Tip 3: Are the features all okay?

Once you have decided upon the choice of marble, you must ensure its features are all okay. Here’re the things you should look out for:

  • The surface should be free of any cracks or stains.
  • The marble’s colour should not be artificial.
  • Your chosen slab must have the same thickness and dimensions everywhere to ensure uniformity of the surface after installation.
  • Ensure your chosen marble seller or supplier is ISO certified.

Tip 4: Is the right colour available? 

One of the pros of marble is that it comes in various colours. The same is true for granite worktops in Knightsbridge. However, the beauty and appeal of marble make it a preferred choice. The marble worktop should match the other existing colours in the kitchen interior. Check which colour suits your flooring and walls best and finalise that.

Tip 5: Do you want it in matte or gloss finish?

For kitchen worktops, matte-finish marble is always preferable. You can choose granite worktops from Knightsbridge also for this purpose.

With these five points in mind, you can select the best worktop. At Marble & Granite, we have a vast collection of marble worktops in Romford. Contact us today!

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