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Natural v/s Engineered Stone Worktops In London: Pros and Cons

Are you eyeing a stone worktop for your next kitchen renovation and need help deciding what to choose? Well, let’s divide worktops into two sections based on the method of manufacturing. One type is found in nature, such as marble and granite. The other type is man-made, such as sintered stone and Corian. One of the major differentiators between these two kinds is the price point. So what should you choose? Before the argument rolls any further, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both types and which makes for an ideal stone worktop in London

Engineered stone worktops:


  1. Since these stones are lab-made, you can find various options. Although they usually mimic natural stones, the variety in colours and texture is more.
  2. Engineered worktops have added qualities that are absent in natural stones. They are inherently heat-proof, scratch and chip-resistant, non-absorptive and acid resistant. Therefore, once installed, they can be used for several years. Additionally, artificial stones do not require regular sealing or high-end maintenance.
  3. These stone countertops are cheaper as compared to natural stone worktops.


  1. No matter how hard they try, these artificial countertops can never match the grandeur of the real stones.

Natural stone worktops:


  1. You can find large slabs of natural stones, and one slab often does the job. The installation is simple and does not require grouting. Therefore, no space for dirt and bacteria.
  2. Natural stone worktops look exquisite. Historically, marble was extensively used for architecture and furniture. To date, it is one of the most sought-after materials. Granite worktops in Wood Green are also a hit among homeowners. Moreover, each slab of stone is unique as they have distinct features, textures, details and veins.
  3. Natural stone kitchen worktops are long-lasting and durable. Since they are quarried from the mines, these stones are also an eco-friendly choice.


  1. Some stones are high maintenance and need periodic sealing to ensure their longevity.
  2. A few variants are expensive. Moreover, the installation charges are high for some.

Find your perfect match at Marble & Granite:

Both artificial and natural stone worktops have their advantages. Depending on your budget and requirement, we help you choose the right kind of stone countertop. Marble & Granite has an array of stones in both categories. Contact us today for a free consultation call or a complimentary quote before starting your kitchen renovation.

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