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Quartz kitchen worktop with 900mm wide inset gas hob

New Kitchen Worktops? There Are Many Possible Options

When you move home you are very lucky indeed if your new home is absolutely perfect. Of course, there is a lot that you like about it, because otherwise you wouldn’t have bought it – unless you needed to get as far away from the mother-in-law as possible!

But in all seriousness, there are always going to be some things that you want to change. It could be the garden. You might want a new shower. You might want to turn the front garden into a driveway so that you can park your car off the street. Or you might want to change some things around in the kitchen.

If it is the kitchen, it might be that you want to scrap everything and build a new one, or it could be that it is in pretty good shape, but you would like to change the appearance. New worktops. Perhaps tile the floor. A lick of paint. Maybe a new cooker. Whatever.

Many people today decide to change the worktops in the kitchen, if nothing else, because it can have such a dramatic effect on the appearance. The point is that today, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen – not just cooking and washing up – but many families eat their meals there, entertain friends, watch the early evening soaps, and so on, before retiring to the living room for the News at Ten.

The worktops actually take up quite a lot of space, so having something that looks great as well as being practical is what most families want.

Multiple Possibilities

Of course, there are multiple different possibilities for worktops in all sorts of materials, but there is a definite inclination towards stone worktops these days.

So, why stone worktops in Stevenage, or wherever else it is that you live around London and the Home Counties?

Well, there are a number of reasons, not the least of which is that if you choose natural stone – limestone, marble, quartzite, granite, and more – there is an almost unlimited possibility with the colour schemes because natural stones are all different.

Most stone worktops also have other benefits as well. So, for instance if you are a cook and you like to bake cakes, a marble worktop is perfect because it stays cool, even in hot weather. So, it is absolutely ideal for rolling out pastry and dough, because they won’t stick. OK, a lot of marble is white, but not all is. There are a number of different colours, including black, if that floats your boat.

Granite is rock hard and almost impossible to damage, so if you have that in your kitchen it will probably live longer than we do.

What about quartz? That is actually a man-made stone when used for worktops. It consists of about 93% quartz ground down and mixed with resins and pigments and is totally non-porous. You can spill anything you like on to quartz worktops and they will not stain.

So, if you are pondering new kitchen worktops in Stevenage, or wherever, give us a call at Marble & Granite and we can answer all your questions.

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