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Drink and snack prep station with granite worktop

Discover Quartz Worktops in Watford For Contemporary Kitchen Excellence

Choosing new worktops for your kitchen in Watford, or for that matter for use in your bathroom around basins and baths and so on, can be a difficult task. Unless you have seen something at a friend’s home or elsewhere and have already decided, the possibilities are almost endless.

You can have wood, laminates, luxury vinyl, stones of various sorts, and more. Many people do opt for stone, but even then, there are different options – marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, quartz, quartzite, etc., so settling on the final choice can be tricky as there are so many things to take into account.

One of the major considerations for use in the kitchen is how tough the stone is, and also the porosity. If you have a stone which is porous, it can be subject to staining, and also possibly chipping or cracking if you drop a heavy pan on it, such as cast iron. These are some of the reasons why a lot of people decide upon quartz worktops in Watford.

Man-Made Stone

Quartz is actually a man-made stone, although quartz itself is naturally formed. However, quartz worktops are made up of about 93% quartz which has been ground to a powder and is then mixed with pigments and resins which make up the other 7%. This produces a stone that is extremely hard, and also non-porous: you can spill things on it with gay abandon and it won’t have any effect in the way of staining whatsoever. As such, it also never needs a sealant.

Furthermore, because it is non-porous, that also means that it is totally resistant to bacteria, germs, mildew, and so on, because they cannot get into the stone. That’s an additional benefit when you are working with food.

However, one thing that you do need to be aware of is that it is not heat-resistant (there had to be a catch, didn’t there?!). This is because of the resins it contains. However, it is not really a big deal because you simply use a trivet, as you should on almost any kitchen work surface.

When it comes to the appearance of quartz worktops in Watford, the choices that we can offer you at Marble & Granite are almost endless. There are several different manufacturers such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, Next Stone, Quarela, Nile, and more, giving you very many different options. Click on the Quartz Stone link at the top of the page and then you can scroll through all of the different choices.

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