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Types Of Marble Finish You Must Know

Marble countertops, floors and backsplashes are a timeless addition to your home. Outdoor or indoor, marbles can be used anywhere in the house. The natural stone has exquisite patterns and adds value to your property. Apart from its natural appearance, the marble’s finish also enhances its beauty and utility. Are you planning to install new marble worktops in London? This article highlights some of the typical yet gorgeous marble polishes you must consider when deciding.


When you hear of marble, this is the first kind of finish that comes to mind. It is a smooth and elegant look achieved by repeated application of abrasives. Most kitchen and washroom countertops have this finish.


Sawed marble has a coarse and dull finish achieved using diamond blades or wires on its surface. It provides excellent support and a better floor grip. Therefore, you can use this finish in washrooms or outdoors. The sawed texture is also known as raw or dressed marble finish.


If you want a marble worktop in London that doubles or extends as a drain board, check out the linear finish on marble. The marble has parallel and linear grooves. It gives the marble a unique finish.


In the case of a tumbled finish, the marble appears to be buffed but not too coarse. The marble is tumbled in a drum filled with abrasives to achieve the look. The final look is a smooth yet distressed surface. The goal of this method is to display the passage of time on the stone. Therefore, it is also referred to as an antiquated finish.


The name is indicative of this method. The marble is exposed to high heat for a short time for a coarse look. It leads to a curled surface with depressions and soft mounds creating alternating patterns. Flamed marble worktops in London are ideal if you want a marble countertop in outer space, like the backyard.


If you want a textured marble countertop, the sandblasted method does the job. Tiny corundum ‘sand’ or silicon particles are blasted towards the marble’s surface. It erodes the surface, and the textured appearance is achieved.  

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