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Transform Your Bathroom with Marble Worktops in North London

Are you planning to remodel your washrooms? Marble worktops in North London stand uncontested among homeowners. Restore your bathrooms’ lost shine and glamour with extraordinary marble worktop designs.

Marble Vanity Station

If you want to upgrade your washroom without completely remodelling it, add an elegant marble vanity unit. If you love minimalistic designs, then a black marble slab or Picasso Ardent Grey with subtle veins is perfect for a luxurious bathroom.

Marble Worktop and Wood Cabinet

Want to scare some style points without compromising on utility? How about a marble worktop and a wood cabinet beneath? If you have limited washroom space, make the most of it with this design idea. A dark brown cabinet and white marble worktop are safe and foolproof ideas. However, since marble comes in several colours, you can make hundreds of combinations with wood.

Marble With Gold and Brass Fixtures

In most cases, you will place a sink on the marble worktop. Upgrade the bathroom’s look with gold and brass accents. This mainly works best with a pristine white washroom and a white marble worktop. You can play around with sleek soap dishes, sink bowls, taps and towel racks.

Submerged Sink on the Marble Worktop

Bored with a top-mount sink? Try a submerged sink with a marble worktop. You can pair a white sink with black, white or grey marble slabs for a classic look. If you want to hide the pipe, build a wooden cabinet below the worktop. A white sink, Botticino beige marble, and light brown wood cabinet will look elegant and symmetrical. Remember, the sink’s colour should complement the marble’s colour for a uniform look.

Patterned Marble Worktop

Most worktops are usually single-coloured. But if you love experimenting, then this idea is just for you. A checkered marble worktop will is an exquisite bathroom decor idea. Pair two contrasting coloured marble and turn them into simple yet bold worktops. Beige and brown are one of the safest options. Diamond motifs in traditional grey and subtle white will create a stunning piece.

Built a High-end Washroom With Marble & Granite:

When you are refurbishing your washroom, you are only limited by your imagination. At Marble & Granite, we offer only the best quality marble worktops in North London. But if you do not want marble, we also offer quartz worktops in Greenwich. To build luxurious washrooms, contact us today!

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